Nero the Whirlwind

An Air Genasi Fighter of the Armsmaster Discipline


Nero is an Air Genasi Fighter. He follows the Armsmaster Discipline, fighting with a wide variety of weapons during combat. He has a background as a Pirate.


Nero the Whirlwind is a pirate Armsmaster from the Niopsis Free Islands. He is a member of the Corsairs of the Free Seas, and currently operating as an “inside man”. He gains employment on trade ships as a sailor, and then helps to disable them when his allies attack. Most recently Nero has gained a place aboard a merchant ship bound for Port LeClaire. If his comrades don’t hit this ship, than he has plans of getting on board a Malakarian Warship in hopes of taking her down and making a name for himself.

Nero has an ex-love whom he still has feelings for named Brandalia “Brandy” Markanus. They have been estranged since he was presumed dead when “lost at sea” during a raid on her fathers cargo ships. The truth is that he was working as an inside man to gain knowledge of her wealthy fathers trade routes when they fell in love. Unfortunately his love for money was stronger than his love for her, and he betrayed her family nearly bankrupting them in the process.

Nero the Whirlwind

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