Shadows Descent

Departing the Tower

Beta Group Session 1b

The Warforged Tylusian Mage Onyx was summoned before the Tower council and questioned about the whereabouts of his mentor Nebin Timbers. Onyx knew very little of his masters plans, only that he was following up on a lead in regards to the origins of the crystal in his chest and Warforged in general. The council tasked Onyx with tracking down his mentor and aiding him if able. To that end the council assigned a Tylusion Knight to escort and protect Onyx on his journey.

Onyx met with his escort, a Dwarven Paladin of the Oath of Enlightenment named Ruff the Bluntest, and they prepared to depart the tower following Nebin's path. The duo was joined by a Gnomish Rogue named Fargus who was a member of the Eyes and Ears, a group of spies in the Towers employ. Fargus stated that he was on a mission for the Tower, and since they were headed in the same direction he would accompany them.

The three set out from the Tower towards the nearest port town, but met with a group of shady characters on the road. After dispatching the men it was discovered they were secretly spies from a cabal of dark wizards called Dusk.

Upon arrival in the port town the group split up and searched for information in regards to where Nebin could have gone. Through their conversations with various people they ascertained that Nebin had boarded a ship headed towards the nation of Cordica. Onyx and Ruff decided to book passage to Cordica for themselves, at which point Fargus informed them that he could not accompany them further. The duo bid Fargus fair well and booked their passage with letters of credit from the Tower. The two boarded the ship and headed off on their journey…



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