A Warforged Wizard Prismancer


Onyx is a Warforged Wizard of the Prism Arcane Tradition. He hails from the Crystal Tower in Tyluth.


Onyx awoke in the Crystal Tower when a magical gem was placed within his chest 12 years ago. He was the property of a Gnome Prismancer named Nebin Timbers. Nebin was researching him and the crystal when he accidentally awakened the crystal. Upon placing the crystal within Onyx’s chest compartment he awakened the dormant machine. Nebin cared for Onyx and took him on as an apprentice, teaching him to store energy in the crystal and to use it as a casting focus.

A few months ago Nebin left the tower to follow a lead on his research into Warforged and the crystal. He has not made contact and the Tower council has summoned Onyx to question him about his mentors whereabouts.


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