Lyali (Shadow Wolf)

A Lythari Wood Elf Rogue Skirmisher


Lyali is a Lythari Wood Elf Rogue. She specializes as a Skirmisher, often working alone to protect the Elven realm of Navana. She has a background as an Outlander, meaning she is able to live off the land alone for an extended time period.


Lyali is a Lythari Wood Elf from the forest nation of Navana. Lyali trained as a Skirmisher to protect the borders of her homeland as a Shade Stalker, spending most of her time alone in the wilds of Navana on patrol. The Elves of Navana remember the great war that happened thousands of years ago, and they have kept ever vigilant for signs of the return of the forces of darkness. Lately there have been whispers that darkness is rising again, and that the forces of evil are gathering all around the world. Lyali was summoned before the Summer Queen herself and tasked with making contact with the tribes of Ketral on the continent across the sea. The Ketral tribes have begun gathering, and there are whispers that they believe a great darkness is coming. Lyali is to ascertain what the Ketral know, and gather what information she can about possible threats to the Elven nation. To that end she leaves her home to find passage aboard a ship in Uslien that will take her across the sea.

Lyali (Shadow Wolf)

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