Krag Dreadfart

A Cavern Goblin Ranger Outrider


Krag is a Cavern Goblin Ranger. He specializes in mounted combat as an Outrider. His background is as a Rider.

Krags War Wolf is named Skotax. Krag raised him from a pup, and treats him as family.


Krag Dreadfart spent his early life among the Goblins of the Spear Point Mountains. He was an elite Worg Rider and survived many raids on the human settlements of Creoth. However he realized that the repetitive raiding and killing was leading him nowhere but into an early grave, so he deserted his former Goblin tribesmen and ended up finding his way to the White Fire Mercenaries. There among the White Fire Mercs he found a place as a soldier for hire, earning a steady income, meals, and respect. After proving himself as a recruit, Krag was approached by the Wolf Pack company and offered membership. After a brief trial period, Krag has earned the trust of his peers and has been given a special solo recon mission for the company. Krag is to make contact with a Vargryn member of Wolf Pack named Martep. Martep was working to reestablish an old White Fire chapter house in Fort Rearden but has not checked in. Krag’s mission is to travel by ship to Port LeClaire, then head on wolf back to Port Rearden to begin his search for Martep.

Krag Dreadfart

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