Bedelth Jacke

A Silver Dragonborn Shaman Water Speaker


Bedelth Jacke is a Dragonborn whom can trace his lineage to the Silver Dragon Wyrm Bedelth. He is a member of Jing Di Cal’s Water Clan and was raised from a very young age as a Shaman Water Speaker. Jacke is a Scholar of the Ancient Ways and his Spirit Guide is the ghost of his ancestor, the Wyrm Bedelth.


Jacke was called before the Ancient One and told a great secret by the wise master. He was sent to find an ancient ally of their people, being told that a great darkness is coming and that he will be needed to fight that tide of darkness. Jacke was tasked with traveling to the Nation of Cordica, which is where the ancient ally was last seen. After accepting his task, Jacke traveled to a sacred pool guided by his Spirit Guide Bedelth. Once there the Spirit transported Jacke via a whirlpool portal to a cold mountain lake deep in the mountains of Valhiem.

Bedelth Jacke

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