Gimble Timbers

A Tinker Gnome Artificer of the Grenadier Vocation


Gimble is a Tinker (Rock) Gnome Artificer. He follows the Grenadier Vocation, and has a background as an Entertainer.


Gimble “Double Lock” Timbers is a former traveling Entertainer who gained some fame, and notoriety, performing as a fire eater and acrobat. Always good with his hands, Gimble has taken to working with inventions in his mature age. Now getting restless at home he has taken to a life of adventure to test his inventions in the field. While spending time in Uslien, Gimble was performing in a local tavern for free room and board, when he made fun of the wrong patron. As it turned out the patron was a member of the Cowls leadership, and he did not like being made to look foolish. A price was put on Gimbles head, and after dispatching a few Cowls that came after him, he booked passage on the first ship out of town he could find.

He is a bit crazed and often too quick to fire off one of his inventions without thinking of the consequences. This has led him into trouble in the past and he is starting to finally learn his lesson.

Gimble Timbers

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