An Eladrin Elf Ranger Scout


Faragorn is an Eladrin Elf from Nim Saern. He is a Ranger Scout with a background as a Soldier in the Nim Saern military. His position in the military is that of a Scout, and he spent most of his time patrolling the borders of the country. His favored enemies are Humans and Elves, which he has trained to track and kill if necessary.


Faragorn was on a routine long range patrol of Nim Saerns northeastern border when he came across the bodies of some of his people. Investigating the scene revealed large canine tracks heading away from the forest nation and into the mountains. Faragorn decided to hunt the creature in an effort to protect his people. After days of tracking the beast he was ambushed by the beasts minions and left for dead. He was soon found by some hunters from Oscar’s clan and taken to them to decide his fate.


Shadows Descent Faragorn