Shadows Descent

The Winter Wolf

Beta Group Session 1a

Oscar Stormborn was conducting his normal inspection of his ship when a strange disturbance in the water caused the ship to spin. Once the disturbance subsided he found a fair featured man in strange clothing clinging to the side of his ship. After helping the man aboard he introduced himself as Bedelth Jacke. The two rowed ashore to Oscar's village where they learned that an Eladrin Elf had been found near death by hunters and brought back to the village.

The Elf was healed by the town Shaman, Corban, and the new stranger, Jacke. Upon recovery the Elf introduced himself as Faragorn, and explained that he had been tracking a large wolf through the wilderness. The village chieftain, Oscar's father Oskiir, arrived and told the Elf that once he was healed he would be sent on his way. Jacke and Oscar offered to go with Faragorn, but Oskiir forbid his son from leaving the village.

The next morning Faragorn and Jacke left the small village together. However, not long after their departure, the young barbarian Oscar caught up to them stating that his father had changed his mind about him accompanying them. The party set off tracking the large beast presumed to be a wolf. After following the beasts tracks to a cave that was the source of a stream, Jacke communed with the spirit of the stream to confirm that the beast lived within. The party entered the cave and fought a large white wolf known as a Winter Wolf, and its Ice Mephit minions. The battle was fierce but through teamwork the party survived and were victorious.

Following their departure from the Winter Wolf's den, the group came across a troll while navigating a mountain pass. The troll was dispatched and the group decided to go looking for its lair to claim whatever treasure it may have hidden away in its den. After a treacherous climb to the trolls den, the party dispatched two additional trolls and claimed their reward.

After the troll encounters, the party continued to travel south towards Valhiem's Highland territories. After several days of travel, a cadre of Nim Saern soldiers ambushed the group while they slept, capturing them without their knowledge. The troop commander, Faragorn's brother Havathorn, instructed his brother that their King Zaern was ordering him to assist and protect the Shaman Jacke. Havathorn then transported the group to the outskirts of a Valhorim Highland village. Jacke and Oscar awoke to find themselves in a new location, at which point Faragorn explained that his people had aided them in expediting their travel and that he had been ordered to assist and protect Jacke on his unknown mission.

The group set off towards the town without knowing where they would go next…



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