Shadows Descent


Alpha group session 1

While en route to the Malakarian Empire controlled city of Port Leclaire, a large storm wracked the cargo ship the party was traveling on. The storm grew in strength as the days passed and a few days away from port the ship broke up and went down.

Krag, Lyali, and Gimble washed up on shore. While pulling themselves together they observed Nero walk out of the ocean undisturbed and unbreathing.

After briefly introducing themselves and discussing their best course of action, three ogres climbed down the cliff face looking for an easy meal. The party easily dispatched the ogres working together.

After the ogre fight the party decided to dive for treasure in the cargo hold of the ship. They built a makeshift raft and rowed out to the wreck site. While Lyali and Nero dove for treasure, Gimble and Krag watched from the raft as sharks started to swarm. After finishing off the sharks and collecting their reward, the party followed the coastline northwestward towards Port Leclaire.

Finding a section of coastline impassable, the party headed inland and soon came across a Malakarian patrol. Knowing the Malakarians prejudice towards non-humans, Gimble ambushed them with a fireball grenade. The blast killed all of the patrol except the captain and his horse. After being thrown from his horse the captain charged and fought the party to his dying breath. As the fight wound down, the party watched with trepidation as the captain's horse, scorched by flame, galloped off towards town.



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