Shadows Descent

Alpha group session 2

The party traveled towards Port Leclaire, arriving at the gates after a day of overland travel. At the gates the party was confronted by the town guards and questioned regarding their intentions and from where they came from. The party explained that they had been on a ship that wrecked of the coast and that they were the lone survivors. The guards called for Legate Paramus who, upon his arrival ordered the party to hand over their weapons and be brought before the Governor. Krags wolf Skotax was caged and led away on a cart.

At the Governors office the party was accused of being spies from New Lordas and sinking the ship they were on. The party attempted to deny the accusations but the fact that Gimble was wearing the Governors Helm of Thought Reading salvaged from the wreck, and that Nero is a known pirate, only sealed their fate. The governor ordered them arrested to await trial, weaponless and out numbered they submitted.

The party was escorted to a guard barracks with an attached prison block by Legate Paramus and two of the Governors elite guards. Once there, the party was stripped of their belongings which were locked in a chest in the jailors office. During the search of their belongings a guard found the guard insignias that Krag had collected from the patrol they killed. This ilicited an argument and rougher treatment from the guards. The party was then thrown into separate cells to await their trial.

Across from Lyali's cell a Halfling smuggler identified himself as a thief through Thieves Cant. Lyali and the smuggler spoke briefly and he explained that he had a lockpick but couldn't reach the lock. The party agreed to break him out as well if he shared his lockpick. The Halfling tossed his lockpick to Lyali, who nearly dropped it. Lyali deftly picked the lock as an unatural darkness fell over the area, when all of a sudden a large thud was heard from the Halfling's cell followed by a scream and gurgling.

A guard entered the cell block to investigate the noise. While gasping looking into the Halflings cell, Lyaly slipped out of her cell and slit the guards throat with a dagger she had concealed earlier. Then Lyali saw sinister glowing eyes in the darkness of the cell staring back at her. She quickly grabbed the cell keys from the downed guard, turned, and freed her nearest ally Gimble. Gimble took the key and went to free Nero as the Halfling's cell door burst open and a shadowy canine like creature stalked out into the hall and released a terrifying below.

Lyali turned towards the shadow creature and began stripping her clothing while stalking back down the hall. By the time she reached the shadow beast she herself had transformed into an Auburn furred wolf that charged the beast growling fiercly. Gimble passed the key to Nero and then sprinted off to recover their weapons from the jailors office. He was quickly joined by Nero and Krag who also reequiped themselves. Just then a guard burst in and confronted them. Krag turned to face the guard while shouting for Nero to assist Lyali.

Krag and Gimble faced off with the guard while Nero headed back to assist Lyali. Krag scored a devasting blow with his axe, and with his and Gimbles aid, Lyali and Nero felled the shadow beast as well. Lyali transformed back into an Elf and dressed while her companions finished ransacking the chest. Gimble pocketed a fancy case containing a sophisticated pistol which must have been in the possession of the Halfling smuggler.

As the party finished recovering their confiscated goods, they heard a howl that matched that of the shadow beast, as alarm bells began clanging in the distance. The party headed back through the barracks and came upon the scene of some guards locked in mortal combat with another shadow beast. They left the guards to their fate and headed out onto the street.

Outside they found Skotax howling in a cage strapped to a cart. Lyali picked the lock and they beat a hasty retreat down the street. While retreating a severly injured elite guard staggered out of the barracks calling after them. Two crossbowmen also came scambling across the roof to take aim at the companions. Gimble turned to face them and released a fireball grenade that killed them all. Unfortunatley the blast drew the attention of some guards on horseback nearby that came galloping towards them. Amidst the chaos of alarm bells, the howls of dark beasts, and flames the party ran into the night looking for a place to hide.

With the sounds of hooves on the stone streets bearing down, the group slipped into an unlocked home. They hid their until the owner returned, at which point they captured him, binding him to a chair and gagging him. The next morning the party paid the old man that owned the home for his trouble while releasing from his bindings. While discussing how they might escape the city, Nero suggested an old friend that may assist them. They then headed off towards the home of a merchant from Nero's past that may be able to smuggle them out of the city.

Nero led the party through the back streets to a mansion where he asked them to wait. He went up to it alone requesting the lady of the house. When Nero's old flame Brandali "Brandy" met him at the door, she struck with all the fury of a lover scorned. She then embraced him passionetly, and after brief words Nero motioned the party over. Brandy agreed to smuggle the party out of the city but revealed that they must leave immediatly because her fiance Legate Paramus was looking for them. They headed for the city gates with Skotax and Lyali, in wolf form, caged, Nero and Krag cloaked in magical invisability by Gimble, and Gimble himself sitting with the caravan master.

The caravan master led the wagon concealing the party towards a city gate. They were stopped there but a well placed bribe allowed them exit. While escaping Nero hopped off the wagon, still invisible, and caused some mischief by tieing boot laces together and stealing back the bribe.

The party rode with the caravan eastward for a few days until they turned north towards Cordica. Disembarking from the wagons on foot they continued east towards the Lordisian controlled Fort Rearden. After about a days travel on foot the party was beset upon by Legate Paramus and a cadre of mounted Malakarian guards. A fierce battle ensued that ended with some of the party severly injured and Paramus and his men dead. The party collected the soldiers horses and continued off towards Port Reardon…

Departing the Tower
Beta Group Session 1b

The Warforged Tylusian Mage Onyx was summoned before the Tower council and questioned about the whereabouts of his mentor Nebin Timbers. Onyx knew very little of his masters plans, only that he was following up on a lead in regards to the origins of the crystal in his chest and Warforged in general. The council tasked Onyx with tracking down his mentor and aiding him if able. To that end the council assigned a Tylusion Knight to escort and protect Onyx on his journey.

Onyx met with his escort, a Dwarven Paladin of the Oath of Enlightenment named Ruff the Bluntest, and they prepared to depart the tower following Nebin's path. The duo was joined by a Gnomish Rogue named Fargus who was a member of the Eyes and Ears, a group of spies in the Towers employ. Fargus stated that he was on a mission for the Tower, and since they were headed in the same direction he would accompany them.

The three set out from the Tower towards the nearest port town, but met with a group of shady characters on the road. After dispatching the men it was discovered they were secretly spies from a cabal of dark wizards called Dusk.

Upon arrival in the port town the group split up and searched for information in regards to where Nebin could have gone. Through their conversations with various people they ascertained that Nebin had boarded a ship headed towards the nation of Cordica. Onyx and Ruff decided to book passage to Cordica for themselves, at which point Fargus informed them that he could not accompany them further. The duo bid Fargus fair well and booked their passage with letters of credit from the Tower. The two boarded the ship and headed off on their journey…

The Winter Wolf
Beta Group Session 1a

Oscar Stormborn was conducting his normal inspection of his ship when a strange disturbance in the water caused the ship to spin. Once the disturbance subsided he found a fair featured man in strange clothing clinging to the side of his ship. After helping the man aboard he introduced himself as Bedelth Jacke. The two rowed ashore to Oscar's village where they learned that an Eladrin Elf had been found near death by hunters and brought back to the village.

The Elf was healed by the town Shaman, Corban, and the new stranger, Jacke. Upon recovery the Elf introduced himself as Faragorn, and explained that he had been tracking a large wolf through the wilderness. The village chieftain, Oscar's father Oskiir, arrived and told the Elf that once he was healed he would be sent on his way. Jacke and Oscar offered to go with Faragorn, but Oskiir forbid his son from leaving the village.

The next morning Faragorn and Jacke left the small village together. However, not long after their departure, the young barbarian Oscar caught up to them stating that his father had changed his mind about him accompanying them. The party set off tracking the large beast presumed to be a wolf. After following the beasts tracks to a cave that was the source of a stream, Jacke communed with the spirit of the stream to confirm that the beast lived within. The party entered the cave and fought a large white wolf known as a Winter Wolf, and its Ice Mephit minions. The battle was fierce but through teamwork the party survived and were victorious.

Following their departure from the Winter Wolf's den, the group came across a troll while navigating a mountain pass. The troll was dispatched and the group decided to go looking for its lair to claim whatever treasure it may have hidden away in its den. After a treacherous climb to the trolls den, the party dispatched two additional trolls and claimed their reward.

After the troll encounters, the party continued to travel south towards Valhiem's Highland territories. After several days of travel, a cadre of Nim Saern soldiers ambushed the group while they slept, capturing them without their knowledge. The troop commander, Faragorn's brother Havathorn, instructed his brother that their King Zaern was ordering him to assist and protect the Shaman Jacke. Havathorn then transported the group to the outskirts of a Valhorim Highland village. Jacke and Oscar awoke to find themselves in a new location, at which point Faragorn explained that his people had aided them in expediting their travel and that he had been ordered to assist and protect Jacke on his unknown mission.

The group set off towards the town without knowing where they would go next…

Alpha group session 1

While en route to the Malakarian Empire controlled city of Port Leclaire, a large storm wracked the cargo ship the party was traveling on. The storm grew in strength as the days passed and a few days away from port the ship broke up and went down.

Krag, Lyali, and Gimble washed up on shore. While pulling themselves together they observed Nero walk out of the ocean undisturbed and unbreathing.

After briefly introducing themselves and discussing their best course of action, three ogres climbed down the cliff face looking for an easy meal. The party easily dispatched the ogres working together.

After the ogre fight the party decided to dive for treasure in the cargo hold of the ship. They built a makeshift raft and rowed out to the wreck site. While Lyali and Nero dove for treasure, Gimble and Krag watched from the raft as sharks started to swarm. After finishing off the sharks and collecting their reward, the party followed the coastline northwestward towards Port Leclaire.

Finding a section of coastline impassable, the party headed inland and soon came across a Malakarian patrol. Knowing the Malakarians prejudice towards non-humans, Gimble ambushed them with a fireball grenade. The blast killed all of the patrol except the captain and his horse. After being thrown from his horse the captain charged and fought the party to his dying breath. As the fight wound down, the party watched with trepidation as the captain's horse, scorched by flame, galloped off towards town.


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